Our Idea of Good

Bonding causes and brands to relevant consumers and constituents via brand power for good that is:

  • Organic
  • Celebrated
  • Authentic
  • Mutually Profitable for the Brand and the Cause

Due Good: Is it time for your brand? Some brands, companies and people consider cause support to be just paying their dues. Others recognize the marketing power and pay-off in a strategic cause relationship and value the double bottom line of profit and positive social impact. An authentic cause partnership can help to shape (or re-shape) a brand personality, heighten brand awareness, provide valuable social media engagement, drive sales and build long term brand loyalty.

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Just Bcauz Blog

WHY? Bcauz you have to be creative when you’re persuading creative types

The ArtsReady campaign that we created for SouthArts needed to be provocative. It was — and is. Today, the ArtsReady is flourishing with members from all arts disciplines — dance companies, theatre companies, galleries, museums and more.

At Bcauz, we knew we needed to communicate in the language(s) of the various vertical arts to garner their attention. Here are a few of the creative tactics that helped SouthArts initiate a movement to prepare the Arts sector for readiness planning, business continuity and sustainability in the face of unforeseen crisis that could cripple an arts organization.

Just Bcauz Blog

WHY? Bcauz no kid should be hungry.

How could it be that in this land of plenty, there are more than plenty of children (over 16 million) suffering from hunger? From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans …  one in five children in our own backyard is trying to sleep on an empty stomach. They’re also falling behind in school, unable to concentrate, hungry at that very moment, while also wondering where — and when — they may have a decent meal.

You may know one of these children, or worse, you may know them, and yet be unaware of their desperation because –  like adults – children too have pride and shrink from the stigma of poverty. This is sad, and shameful for our society. Really? Who would not give to a hungry seven year old? Potentially, our congress, but that’s another story.

For over a year now, Bcauz has had the great, good fortune to join in the movement to end childhood hunger in America. Yes, we’ve advocated; yes, we’ve donated, but our most meaningful efforts have been realized through our cause-related work on behalf of the Arby’s Foundation, the charitable arm of the Arby’s brand. With passionate and dedicated leadership, the Arby’s Foundation created a task force and engaged Bcauz Marketing to help them reinvent the 25 year old foundation with a goal to better align the foundation’s work with the Arby’s brand voice, and to create a new mission, which would  resonate with all stakeholders in a meaningful and readily understood way  – from the corporate office, to the brand customers, suppliers and franchisees. More than anything, the foundation was determined to have significant impact on a pressing problem.

This blog is not the case study … it is a celebration of commitment from the Arby’s Foundation and the partner that Bcauz brought to the table: Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign, who intends to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.  It is a celebration of belief and hope in the No Kid Hungry mission, and the beginning of the Arby’s Foundation partnership with a $1 million pledge in 4th quarter 2011 ($1 dollar can help connect a child to 10 healthy meals). Can you say TEN MILLION MEALS? And this is just the beginning — of the end.


 Take the No Kid Hungry Pledge – no money required, just a chance to join a movement of people who believe that no child in America should go hungry.

Client Comments

Laura Goodman, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships,Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hunger Share Our StrengthBcauz Marketing is an experienced and highly-talented agency in the cause marketing world. Terri Evans connected Share Our Strength and the No Kid Hungry campaign to a significant multi-million corporate partnership. Throughout our vetting process, she was honest, professional and a true collaborator – constantly looking for creative solutions and helping us put our best foot forward. She was also incredibly patient – willing to listen and learn about our unique social change model in order to best create a best-in- class partnership that truly delivered value on both sides. Finally, on a personal level, Terri is warm, energetic and a great communicator!   I would love the opportunity to work with Bcauz Marketing again!

Client Comments

Mollie Quinlan-Hayes, Deputy Director, South Arts

Southarts Promotional Post Card - Be Arts ReadyThe ArtsReady campaign materials, strategies, and exhibit design have served us so well for over three years now. The “library” of related messages and visuals that you recommended in the campaign’s development have allowed us to roll them out over time and with various audiences in different places and different artistic disciplines. They remain fresh and contemporary looking, and still grab and keep people’s attention. The “fickle wheel of fate” continues to make our conference exhibit booth one of the most unique, and is a great humorous/ironic conversation starter for the difficult issue of emergency planning. ArtsReady’s growing “brand” is due in large part to the clever strategies and collateral Bcauz Marketing developed for this national initiative.

Client Comments

Hala Moddelmog, (former) President, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.

Arby's new wholesome happy choicesBcauz Marketing was engaged to help reinvent the Arby’s Foundation to better align with and reflect the Arby’s brand personality. They were passionate, professional and systematic as they performed deep due diligence in every respect in order to recommend an appropriate and achievable new mission. With finesse and creativity, they thoughtfully guided the foundation’s taskforce in the creation of viable philanthropic and marketing goals to  inform the selection of an appropriate cause-related partner for the future.

Bcauz identified, vetted and negotiated with prospective partners on the foundation’s behalf and made an inspired proposal that met our goals and received unanimous support by the many stakeholders. Their proposal that we partner with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign has proven to be the perfect partnership for the foundation and the Arby’s brand.

Client News

“Mammary Lane” Leads Breast Cancer Survivor to Atlanta Author and Artist Rosemary Griggs Signing at Charis Books on September 11, 2014

“Mammary Lane” Leads Breast Cancer Survivor to Atlanta Author and Artist Rosemary Griggs Signing at Charis Books on September 11, 2014

ATLANTA – September 3 2014 – Harrowing, provocative and sometimes hilarious, “Mammary Lane, A Sketchbook of Breast Cancer Survival,” is not for sissies – neither is breast cancer, as vividly conveyed by author and artist Rosemary Griggs. Griggs will be signing her illustrated memoir at Atlanta’s Charis Books and More during a free event from 7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 11, 2014. The cover price of the book is $22.95. “Mammary Lane,” is not just important reading for the sisterhood of women with breast cancer and survivors. Every man who ever loved a woman with breast cancer will be well informed of the possible challenges breast cancer poses, but will also be inspired by the sensitive and supportive role Griggs’ husband, David Ray played during her epic journey. The “sisterhood” will find an empathetic account that is at-once realistic, yet surrealistic, made more so by the richly rendered […]